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a biorefinery siting model

“The Bio-Energy Site and Technology Assessment (BESTA) model is a spatially-oriented, mixed-integer mathematical programming model that determines the location of the biorefinery, the feedstock draw area, and monthly feedstock delivery schedule. The objective of the model is to minimize plant-gate cost of production, harvest, storage, and transportation of biomass feedstock to the biorefinery, subject to constraints on feedstock production availability and the demand for feedstock by the biorefinery. The balance of monthly inventory and delivery of feedstock is maintained to assure sufficient feedstock supply for the biorefinery. In addition, dry matter losses during harvest, storage and transportation operations are incorporated into the cost minimization to balance the final delivery of feedstock and the demand for feedstock by the biorefinery. BESTA model has been applied to evaluate the economic value of alternative preprocessing facilities and the environmental impacts of biomass feedstock transportation.”


Bio-Energy Site and Technology Assessment

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