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BioFlame logoThe Biofuels Facility Location Analysis Modeling Endeavor (BioFLAME) allows the user to perform an analysis on any combination of counties within a 16 state region in the southeast U.S. given parameters such as biorefinery capacity, crop prices, transport cost rate, feedstock yield adjustments, hay land availability, driving distance limit, required profit, and more.  A suitability analysis can be performed using an array geographic features that a biorefinery might be situated near or away from.  A feedstock supply analysis then evaluates the costs involved in siting a facility in all candidate sites within the suitable areas.  Minimum feedstock delivered cost is used to determine a plant location given the acceptance of site suitability.   


Biofuels Facility Location Analysis Modeling Endeavour

Presented by: Brad Wilson and Dr. Edward Yu

Modeling Biorefinery location using GIS

Final Report submitted to the Southeastern Sun Grant Center by Wilson, B, D de la Torre Ugarte, BC English. 2011.






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