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Bio-Based Energy Analysis Group

Christopher D. Clark

Chris Clark’s research focuses on the (i) use of economic instruments in the preservation of water quality and the allocation of water quantity, (ii) the production of renewable energy, and (iii) the effect of information on the environmental attributes of products and services on consumer decision-making. He has also been active in research and extension efforts directed toward the many legal and regulatory issues facing agricultural operations.
He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Natural Resource Economics, Agricultural and Environmental Law, Public Finance, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics.

Current Position

Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Tennessee


Ph.D. , Economics, Vanderbilt University, 2001
J.D., Tulane University, 1989
B.S., Business Administration (Economics), University of Tennessee, 1986

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, 2009 – Present
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, 2002 – 2009
Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama, 2001 – 2002
Instructor, University of South Alabama, 1999 – 2001
Attorney, Boult, Cummings, Conners & Berry, 1989 - 1993

Awards and Other Professional Activities

Lewis H. Dickson Award for Innovative Programming, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (with A.J. Rhea, A.B. Galloway, J.H. Starnes & M.D. Wilcox, Jr.), 2011

Dutch and Marilee Cavender Outstanding Award for Best Publication, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (with A.J. Rhea, A.B. Galloway, J.H. Starnes, M.D. Wilcox, Jr., C.T. Sneed, & D.K. Wise), 2011

Academic Research Award, American Association of Retirement Communities (with M.D. Wilcox, D.M. Lambert & W.M. Park), 2009
T. J. Whatley Distinguished Young Scientist Award, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, 2008

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Jensen, KL, & CD Clark, in press. “Drilling, Growing or Conserving Our Way to Greater Energy Independence: An Analysis of the Factors that Motivate Support for Different Fuel Options,” Advances in Energy Research. Volume 7. Nova Science Publishers.
  • Ward, DO, CD Clark, KL Jensen, & ST Yen, 2011. “Consumer Willingness to Pay for Appliances Produced by Green Power Partners,” Energy Economics.
  • Ward, DO, CD Clark, KL Jensen, ST Yen, & CS Russell, 2011. “Factors influencing willingness-to-pay for the ENERGY STAR® label,” Energy Policy 39(3): 1450-1458.
  • Jensen, KL, CD Clark, BC English, RJ Menard, DK Skahan, & AC Marra, 2010. “Willingness to Pay for E85 from Corn, Switchgrass and Wood Residues,” Energy Economics 32: 1253-1262.
  • Clark, CD., 2010. “Growing Switchgrass for Bioenergy: Producer Concerns and Lessons Learned,” Renewable Energy Biomass Education Field Day, Knoxville, Tennessee, November 16-18.
  • Roberts, DC, CD Clark, BC English, WM Park & RK Roberts, 2009. AEstimating Annualized Riparian Buffer Costs for the Harpeth River Watershed,@ Review of Agricultural Economics 31(4): 894-913.
  • Clark, CD, & L Howard, 2009. “Business and Organizational Structure.” In Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Farms: A Workbook for Tennessee Farm Families. UT Extension, The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Knoxville, Tennessee: pp. 55-77.
    Roberts, DC, CD Clark, WM Park & BC English, 2008. AA Spatial Assessment of Possible Water Quality Trading Markets in Tennessee,@ Review of Agricultural Economics 30(4): 711-28.
  • Russell, CS, CD Clark & EC Schuck, 2007. "Economic Instruments for Water Management in the Middle East and North Africa," International Journal of Water Resources Development 23(4): 653‑71.
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  • Clark, CD, B English & C Garland, 2007. ACompetitive Bidding as a Means of Extracting Farmer Willingness-to-Grow an Alternative Crop,@ Journal of Extension 45(2).
  • Garland, CD, et al., 2007. "Growing and Harvesting Switchgrass for Ethanol Production in Tennessee," UT Extension Publication Number SP701‑A. University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Clark, CD, L He & CS Russell, 2007. AWater Pricing, Demand Management and Cost Recovery,@ Water Governance in the MENA Region: Critical Issues and the Way Forward, Cairo, Egypt, June 23-27.
  • Russell, CS, & CD Clark, 2006. "Economic Instruments and Nonpoint Source Water Pollution," in Water Quality Management in the Americas. AK Biswas, C Tortajada, B Braga & DJ Rodriguez (Eds). Springer Verlag; Berlin: pp. 17-45.
  • Clark, CD, CS Russell & E Schuck, 2006. "Economic instruments in water management in the MENA region," Water Governance in the MENA Region: The Current Situation, Sana'a, Yemen, July 16‑20.
  • Clark, CD, 2004. Review of Economy-Energy-Environment Simulation by Kimio Uno (Ed), American Journal of Agricultural Economics 86(3): 854-5.

Christopher D. Clark

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

The University of Tennessee

321D Morgan Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-4518
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