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Bio-Based Energy Analysis Group

Kim Jensen

Kim supplies analysis of potential bioenergy feedstocks, economic feasibility of bioenergy projects, demand and market analysis for bioenergy, economic impact analysis of bioenergy projects, consumer preferences for bioenergy, producer willingness to grow bioenergy feedstocks

Current Position

Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Ph.D., Oklahoma State University,1986; M.S., Arizona State University, 1983; B.S., Arizona State University, 1981.


Area of specialization-agricultural marketing, agribusiness development, bioenergy market development; Co-director-Agri-Industry Modeling and Analysis Group; Economic impact analysis, economic feasibility analysis.

Current project areas

Supply analysis of potential bioenergy feedstocks, economic feasibility of bioenergy projects, demand and market analysis for bioenergy, economic
impacts analysis, agri-tourism development, demand for food safety. Over 300 publications and presentations, including over 50 refereed journal articles and proceedings; Principal investigator or project researcher on over $4 million in grants and contracts. Research client base includes producer organizations, USDA, U.S. Department of Energy, EPA, Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Tennessee Valley Authority, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, Tennessee Department of
Economic and Community Development, U.S. Forest Service, and local economic development agencies.


Teach 2 courses per year at the undergraduate and graduate level, including 1 online course; currently serve on Dept. of Ag. & Res. Econ. Graduate Committee; have supervised 30 graduate students.


UTIA Tenure and Promotion Advisory Committee, 2009-2011, Chair 2010; Editorial Council, Review of Ag. Economics, 2006-2008; Southern Agricultural Economics Association, President, 2005, Board Member, Council on Food and Resource Economics, 2005, Southern Agricultural Economics
Association, Second Vice President, 1999-2000; Reviewer JAAE, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2002; Chair of Marketing Papers, 1993; Invited Paper Discussant, 1995; Reviewer and Moderator for Selected Papers Sessions. Co-Chair AAEA Selected Papers, 1993; Reviewer AJAE, 1990-1992, 1994-
1995, 1997- 1998; Reviewer and Moderator for Selected Papers Sessions; Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1997-1998. Vice Chair, UT Research Council, 1997-1998; Chancellor’s Award for Research and Creative Achievement Selection Committee,1997; UT Faculty Senate 1993; Chair S- 217 Regional Research Committee, 1992-1993.


2001 President’s Award for Excellence in Research and Communication, Food Distribution Research Society; UT CASNR Neal and Tacie Peacock Teaching and Learning Merit Certificate, 2000; SAEA First Place Poster Award, 1995; UT Institute of Agriculture Distinguished Young Scientist Award, 1996.

Recent Energy Related Refereed Publications

  • D. Ward, C. Clark, K. Jensen, S. Yen, and C. Russell. 2011. “Factors influencing willingness-to-pay for the ENERGY STAR label,” Energy Policy, 39,3( 1450-1458) .
  • D. Ward, C.Clark, K.Jensen, and S. Yen. 2011. “Consumer Willingness to Pay for Appliances Produced By Green Power Partners,” Energy Economics, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 15 February 2011.
  • Jensen, K., C. Clark, B. English, R.Menard, Skahan, D., and Marra, A. 2010. “Willingness to Pay for E85 From Corn, Switchgrass, and Wood Residues.” Energy Economics, 32, 6 (1253-1262).
  • He, Lixia, D. De La Torre Ugarte, K. Jensen, B. English, and K. Willis. 2010. “Expanded Ethanol Production: Implications for Agriculture,Water Demand, and Water Quality.” Biomass and Bioenergy, 34,11(1586-1596).
  • Jensen, K. R. Roberts, E. Bazen, R. Menard, and B. English. 2010. Farmer Willingness to Supply Poultry Litter for Energy Conversion and to Invest in an Energy Conversion Cooperative. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 42, 1(2010):105-119.
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  • De La Torre Ugarte, D. B. English, and K. Jensen. “Sixty Billion Gallons by 2030: Economic and Agricultural Impacts of Ethanol and Biodiesel Expansion.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 89,5 (December 2007):1290-1295.
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    Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 39(2007): 103-119.
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  • English, B., K. Jensen, and R. Menard, “Will Tennessee Soybean Producers Support a Biodiesel Cooperative?” Journal of Extension, 43(1), February 2005.
  • K. Jensen, B. English, R. Menard, and Yu Zhang, "An Evaluation of Tennessee Soybean Growers' Views on a New Generation Cooperative to Produce Biodiesel," Journal of Agribusiness, Vol. 22, No. 2, 2004, pp. 107-117.

Kim Jensen

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

The University of Tennessee

308 Morgan Hall
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4518
Phone: (865) 974-3716
Fax: (865) 974-4829