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Jamey Menard

Jamey Menard has over twenty years of experience in the natural resource management area. Employment experience includes developing natural resource/water quality management plants for forest, agricultural, and recreational lands; planning and developing international trade/marketing activities for forest products; researching environmental/energy economic issues; and coordinating National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) regulatory compliance activities for Federal agencies. Recent experience includes researching economic impacts of agricultural and forest products industry on the state's economy, including natural resources and alternative energy uses, and conducting market potential/feasibility of value-added or high-value products produced or processed.

Jamey received his BS in Plant & Soil Science and MS in Agricultural Economics from the University of Tennessee.  Jamey has worked with USDA’s National Resource Conservation Service (Soil Conservationist) and Foreign Agricultural Service (Agricultural Economist), Tennessee Valley Authority (Mineral Economist), and Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (Project Manager).

Jamey Menard

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