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Tennessee Rural Economic Development

Analysis Models:

BEAG uses several models to analyze data:

  • POLYSYS - A national, interregional, agricultural model
  • IMPLAN - a regional input-output model
  • FLARE - firm analysis of biofuel systems incorporating risk and uncertainty at the farm and conversion facility levels
  • BIOFLAME - a siting model
  • BeSTA - a biorefinery siting model

These models are used to estimate:

  • Supply and demand for biomass
  • Cost of biomass production
  • Conversion costs
  • Economic feasibility of bio-based energy
  • Regional and national economic and environmental impacts
  • market opportunities for biomass and biofuels

These models can be supplemented with secondary0source date, and are used to decipher the economic viability of a bio-based feedstock industry and its potential environmental impacts.







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