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Bio-Based Energy Analysis Group

Tun-Hsiang "Edward" Yu

T. Edward Yu’s research primarily focuses on agricultural logistics, integration of bioenergy and agricultural markets, applied trade and agricultural policy analysis, and the nexus of growth, trade and the environment. He has led two Sun Grant projects to evaluate the economics of alternative biomass feedstock logistics systems, and the emission impacts of biomass feedstock hauling, respectively. The location of biorefinery and the land use change resulted from biomass feedstock production are also evaluated under these projects. In addition, he has participated in several projects exploring the impacts of biofuel policies on U.S. and world agricultural markets and land use change. Currently, he is working on various projects to examine the quality of biomass feedstock under various harvest and storage options, explore livestock producers’ attitude toward carbon sequestration exercises, and the social economic impacts of bioenergy production.

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Tennessee, 2009–present
International Oilseed and Biodiesel Analyst, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, Iowa State University, 2005–2008


Ph.D. in Agricultural economics, Texas A&M University, 2005
M.S. in Economics, Iowa State University, 1998
B.A. in Transportation management, National Taiwan Ocean University, 1993

Research Interest

Agricultural product logistics
Applied trade and agricultural policy analysis
Integrated energy and agricultural markets
Nexus of growth, trade and the environment

Publications/Presentations Summary (As of 07/2012)

  • Papers in Refereed Journals and Edited Volumes - 25
  • Published Proceedings and Abstracts - 7
  • Other Publications (Experiment Station, Departmental and Contract Reports) - 23
  • Presentations - 56

Graduate Students Advised (since 2009)

Chair of M.S. thesis committee: G. Yuan; T. Tong; Z. Wang; S. Kama.
Member of M.S. thesis committee: M. Grbovic; J. Chen; E. Humphreys.

Selected Awards and Honors

Outstanding M.S. Thesis Award to G. Yuan (chair of Yuan’s thesis committee), SAEA, 2012.
Finalist, Poster Presentation, AAEA Annual Meeting, 2008
First Place Prize, Poster Presentation, AAEA Annual Meeting, 2007

Research Grants and Contracts (since 2009)

Serving as PI: $202,220; Serving as co-PIs: $844,714; Serving as senior researcher: $753,232.

Selected Professional Activities

Guest editor: Economics Research International, Special Issues on Economics of Bioenergy, 2012.
Co-organizer: Invited Paper Session, AAEA Annual Meeting, 2010.
National Council-at-large Member: TRF, 2008–09
Conference moderator: AAEA (2011, 2006), SAEA (2010), TRF (2012).
Referee for journal paper: Agribusiness: An International Journal;  Agricultural Economics; American Journal of Agricultural Economics;  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics; China Agricultural Economic  Review; Food Policy; Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology;  Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics; Journal of  Transportation Research Forum; Southern Economic Journal; Transportation  Research Part A: Policy and Practice; Transportation Research Part E:  Logistics and Transportation
Referee for grant proposal: South Central Sun Grant Initiative Program;  Research Foundation Flanders.


Selected Articles in Referred Journals (Total = 20)

  • Yu, T., S. Tokgoz, E. Wailes and E. Chavez. 2011. “A Quantitative Analysis of Trade Policy Responses to Higher World Agricultural Commodity Prices”, Food Policy, 36:545-561.
  • Yu, T., M. Kim and S. Cho. 2011. “Does Trade Liberalization Induce More Greenhouse Gas Emissions? The Case of Mexico and the United States Under NAFTA” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 93(2): 545-552.
  • Yu, T., C. Hart and W. You. 2011. “Evaluating Food-fuel Trade-offs via Market Choice: The Case of Iowa Corn Producers”, Green: The International Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage, 1:123-126.
  • Fabiosa, J. F., J. C. Beghin, F. Dong, A. Elobeid, S. Tokgoz, and T. Yu. 2010. “Land Allocation Effects of the Global Ethanol Surge: Predictions from the International FAPRI Model.” Land Economics, 86(4):687-706.
  • Larson, J., T. Yu, B. English, D. Mooney, and C. Wang. 2010. “Cost Evaluation of Alternative Switchgrass Producing, Harvesting, Storing, and Transporting Systems and their Logistics in the Southeastern U.S.” Agricultural Finance Review, 70(2):184-200.
  • Brookes, G., T. Yu, S. Tokgoz, and A. Elobeid. 2010. “The Production and Price Impact of Biotech Corn, Canola and Soybean Crops.” AgBioForum, 13:1-15.
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  • Tokgoz, S., A. Elobeid, J. Fabiosa, D.J. Hayes, B.A. Babcock, T. Yu, F. Dong, and C. Hart. 2008. “Bottlenecks, Drought, and Oil Price Spikes: Impact on U.S. Ethanol and Agricultural Sectors.” Review of Agricultural Economics, 30:604-22.
  • Searchinger, T., R. Heimlich, R. Houghton, F. Dong, A. Elobeid, J. Fabiosa, S. Tokgoz, D. Hayes, and T. Yu. 2008. “Use of U.S. Croplands for Biofuels Increases Greenhouse Gases Through Emissions from Land Use Change.” Science, 319(February 29): 1238-40.
  • Yu, T., D.A. Bessler and S.W. Fuller. 2007. “Price dynamics in U.S. Grain and Freight Markets.” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 55:381-97.

Selected Book Chapters (Total = 5)

  • Fabiosa, J., J. Beghin, F. Dong, A. Elobeid, S. Tokgoz, and T. Yu. 2010. “The Global Bioenergy Expansion: How Large Are the Food-Fuel Trade-offs?” In M. Khanna, J. Scheffran, and D. Zilberman, eds. Handbook of Bioenergy Economics and Policy, Springer, New York.
  • Yu, T. with FAPRI staff. 2006. “U.S. Proposal for WTO Agriculture Negotiations: Its Impact on U.S. and World Agriculture,” in Sridhar Krishna, ed. Agricultural Subsidies: Perspectives & Issues, ICFAI University Press, Bangalore, India.

Selected Research Reports (Total = 12)

  • Elobeid, A., S. Tokgoz, and T. Yu. 2009. Assessment of Biofuel Resource Elasticity in APEC Economies. Energy Working Group, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Singapore.
  • Yu, T., B.C. English, J.A. Larson, and S. Cho. 2011. Evaluating the Economics of Incorporating Preprocessing Facilities in the Biomass Supply Logistics with an Application in East Tennessee. Southeastern Sun Grant Center, University of Tennessee,Knoxville, TN
  • Yu, T., B.C. English, J.A. Larson, D. de la Torry Ugarte, J. Fu and S. Richards. 2012. Evaluating the Impacts of Biomass Feedstock Transportation on Air Quality: A Tennessee Case Study. Southeastern Sun Grant Center, University of Tennessee,Knoxville, TN


Edward Yu

Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics

University of Tennessee

314A Morgan Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996-4518
Ph: 865-974-7411

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